The Essentials of TalentStream

We are a specialist recruitment company, sourcing and placing outstanding professionals across Specialist, Middle and Top Management level positions. Our recruitment model is unique to the Romanian market and focuses on investigating not only the candidates' skill base and motivation, but also cultural fit, using the best available tools.

Organizations recruiting for talent should consider not only the candidates' fit with job requirements by means of assessing skills and competencies, but also their fit with the organisational culture by means of investigating individual styles and values

Professionals on the move should join those organisations that offer them the opportunity to grow personally and professionally and that have the right company culture to fit their personal styles and values

Guiding principles

People are fundamentally the same, whether we find them in their homes or at their workplace
A person's behaviour is guided by their personal beliefs
Personal beliefs, values and assumptions can be identified and measured scientifically
People join companies but leave their managers